Great Scot / Bob & Carl's Name Change

This spot was created to promote the changing of "Great Scot" and "Bob & Carl's" to "Community Markets." It used our signature music, jingle and voices to help with the transition.

:60 Spot
Amy: Hey Mike, I can't find the script for this week's Great Scot and Bob and Carl'scommercial.
Mike : There isn't one.
Amy: Are we fired?
Mike: No, Great Scot and Bob and Carl's have always been your community market, right?
Amy: Right.
Mike: Well, starting this week they're renewing their commitment to serve our community by actually changing their name to Community Markets.
Amy: Yeah, but will they still have the same quality foods at low prices?
Mike: Nothing has changed but the name.
Amy: What about the friendly cashier and the bagger who carries out my groceries?
Mike: Nothing has changed but the name.
Amy: Same great voices in the commercials?
Mike: Oh, uh ... they did mention something about a new female voice who ...
Amy: Hey, I thought you said nothing changed but the name?!?
Mike: ... Who actually listens to me when I tell her that nothing is changing at Great Scot and Bob and Carl's except the new name, Community Markets.

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