Great Scot Generic Spot

The Community Markets radio spots were starting to sound dated, so I rewrote the script and had the music updated. This is the generic spot that I scripted, utilizing two "donuts" to begin and end future radio spots.
:60 Spot
When you want quality meats, fresh produce and a friendly face, visit Great Scot Community Markets.
Your Community Market is the neighborhood store. We know our customers as family friends and neighbors and work hard to give them the quality meats, fresh produce and low prices they deserve. We routinely go the extra mile for your business, whether it’s a special order, or carrying your groceries.
Your Community Markets is proud to offer our customers a simple shopping experience. Simple shopping means you simply get the lowest price, no special card needed. It means our meats are still cut by hand in our store, so they simply taste better. It means we sell locally produced food whenever possible because it’s simply the right thing to do.
For hours and location in your community, visit Community Markets dot com.

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