Port Clinton Market Express Opening

This is a radio spot I scripted for the company's new grocery concept. 
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Don't have the time for a regular grocery store?
Then you'll love the Port Clinton Market Express. We're opening on April twenty-ninth and we'll be selling all the traditional items you'd find at the market, in a convenience express format.
We're not a traditional convenience store, and you'll know that from our expanded fresh meat department and excellent produce selection not found in a regular convenience store.
Port Clinton Market Express, your most important stop in Port Clinton.
The Port Clinton Market Express offers convenient alternative to traditional grocery shopping.
We're not a traditional grocery store and you'll know that from grab and go sandwiches, hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches, coffee bar, cappuccino and soda fountain.
So if you want a fresh meal solution or a gallon of milk and steak for the grill, the most important stop in Port Clinton is the Port Clinton Market Express.
We're located at one oh four Monroe Street, in the former Great Scot location Across from the Jet Express parking lot.

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